HIGH TIDE DVD **last copy!

HIGH TIDE DVD   **last copy!

HIGH TIDE DVD   **last copy!

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Product No.:DFALHT**
This tale of amnesia and sexual orientation flip-flops stars adorable uncut Slav Matthew Anders as a man who's engaged to a beautiful woman and then suffers amnesia after being tackled in a pick-up football game. Anders leaves his fiancee and flees to Hawaii, drawn by half-remembered memories and a photo he only barely remembers. He runs into tourists Lucas and Taylor. After taking their picture, he departs. But the two fuck and suck in the Hawaiian forest. Lucas suffers from erection problems which force him to masturbate far too much during the oral segments; he also sucks cock for only a second. The anal, too, suffers due to his lack of a stiffie. Anders heads for the beach, where he's found sunbathing by Jeremy Penn. Penn fantasizes about throwing himself at Anders and fucking him in the surf in a sort of "From Here to Eternity" lovemaking session. But it's all just a daydream, and Penn instead invites Anders to a party that weekend. That Saturday, Anders abandons the party and heads for the beach. While he's gone an orgy ensues poolside with Jake Andrews, Christopher Scott, Kyle Becker, Anthony Shaw, Rod Barry, Kristian Brooks, and Penn. At first, the scene is primarily oral, with lots of foreskin play from uncut guys like Barry. Some heavy-duty rimming and fingering ensues, and Scott, Barry, and Brooks use some VERY large dildos and sex toys on their asses. The fucking finale finds Becker fucking Scott, who blows Andrews; Shaw fucking Barry; and Wade fucking Brooks. The anal sex is quite good, although a lot of the cumshots are minuscule. On the beach, Anders runs into Tom Chase, and the memories come flooding back: Seven years ago, Chase and Anders were lovers. But Anders got drunk one night and was assaulted by 3 straight male rapists in an alley. They abducted him, gang-raped him (pretty erotically, I must say), and then knocked him out in order to effect their escape. Anders lost his memory, and since then has built a heterosexual life. But with his memory restored, Anders makes love to Chase in a pool and waterfall deep in the Hawaiian jungle. The scene is wonderfuly erotic, romantic, and sensual. It is a strong conclusion to a strong film. The videography is crisp and the script well-acted. Really, the only thing bad about it all is the Lucas-Taylor pairing. Notice: Although it does not detract from the entire video, a scene has been censored by Falcon Studios for what they term as "legal" reasons. The original full length version is only available directly from Falcon Studios at a different price. The censored scenes usually involve fisting, extreme ass play or water sports. Falcon Classic.


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