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SWAP DVD - Titan Men !

SWAP DVD - Titan Men !

SWAP DVD - Titan Men !

€ 49.99

Product No.:DVTMSWP
Swap Titan Men Do you like to share? TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox and Hunter Marx are among the generous studs anxious to Swap more than just smiles when open couples visit their friends for a fun getaway. Matthew Bosch proves to be accommodating when friend Adam Ramzi reveals his open relationship—and a desire to play with his host’s big dick. Fresh from a workout, beefy buds Liam Knox and Steve Roman head to the shower for a wet exchange before Liam takes control in bed. Passions ignite when Tex Davidson and Hunter Mark show each other their beasty boners, the duo worshipping each other’s manhood before Hunter happily offers his hairy hole. Diving into the pool, smooth jock Luke Adams distracts hairy stroker Adam Thicke—the two fucking each other’s faces before Luke’s ass gets slapped and slammed red. Cast: Adam Ramzi, Adam Thicke, Hunter Marx, Liam Knox, Luke Adams, Matthew Bosch, Steve Roman, Tex Davidson 202 min !


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